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3rd Nerd would like to take this opportunity to introduce everybody to Buck the Elf. Everyone loves funny Christmas songs, don't they? This year Santa Claus will be portrayed as a slave driver who frequently locks horns with Buck, one of his senior elves. Most of their clashes yield hilarious results. Every song features enough curse words to fill a small rusty bucket.

The videos uploaded to YouTube have been censored to protect the innocent, but 3rd Nerd has just released an uncensored DVD so you can see Buck and Santa in full swing. There are 12 funny Christmas songs featured on the DVD. Each one is guaranteed to make you laugh until you go blue in the face. Join Buck the Elf and Santa Claus on the ride of a lifetime!

Never in the history of Christmas has swearing been so much fun. Buck the Elf has a crazy attitude problem and Santa Claus has a tendency to push his little workers a bit too hard. Buck manages to accuse Santa of kidnapping, withholding food and pay, angering the reindeer and much more over the course of 12 terribly funny Christmas songs.

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